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What is Older Adults Home Sharing?

OAHS is a simple way of helping people to help each other. It involves two or more older adults who like doing the same things, sharing a home together with weekly support from OAHS in whatever they need. It’s about maintaining your independence whilst finding 24 hour companionship and saving money.

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Our Home Share & Support is For You if:

You’d love the companionship of living with an older person like yourself that you could do things with, both inside and outside the home.

You’d prefer a home of your own with shared living costs so that there’s money available to improve your quality of life.

You’d like the weekly support of one person you know well to arrange fun things to do in line with your interests and any other help you need.

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What is Helping Friend?



Helping Friend is a local service which helps you live an engaging life and gives weekly support to arrange any help you need and things you’d like to do.

A local person from Helping Friend can find and arrange opportunities for you to meet like-minded people, arrange any help at home and activities you’d like to do and be there at the end of the phone and for a weekly visit for anything you want to talk through.

The service gives the opportunity for older people living alone to keep an independent, happy and active lifestyle with the continuous support of their own personal arranger.

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Helping friend is For You if:

You’d like someone to talk to weekly through visits and phone calls, about anything you're concerned about or just to have a good chat.

You'd like to meet like minded people at activities you like doing and informal get togethers and have someone to suggest and arrange this.

You’d value a person to arrange things for you - either small or large repairs around the house or in-home help such as cleaning, gardening or personal care and would like one person to sort this out.

You’d like the security of having someone you can contact to always be at the end of the phone and provide help.

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We'd Love to Hear From You

Please get in touch if you’d like any information at all, either over the phone or by post or email. 

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