Older Adult Home Share & Support


Home Share & Support (OAHS) is a new type of housing option and care service aimed to combat loneliness through a person centred, practical and sustainable approach.

The home share scheme is where two or more older adults (normally 2 to 5 but could be more), share a home together with weekly support from OAHS in whatever they need. It enables older people to maintain independence whilst finding round the clock companionship and saving money through shared living costs.

This is a simple concept with obvious benefits for older people and the wider economy and society. We are providing the information and support to make this happen.

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Personal Benefits of Cloud Nine Home Share and Support

  • 24 hour companionship

  • Provision to continue to live in a home of your own

  • Saving money through shared living costs

  • Weekly support from Cloud Nine


Older Adult Home Share & Support is designed to:

  • Reduce loneliness amongst older people

  • Ease social care budgets by supporting independent living

  • Release capacity in local housing stock by facilitating house share

  • Meet the needs of the next generation of older people


How Older Adult Home Share and Support works

We support and arrange the whole process by facilitating:

  1. The type of home share wanted

  2. Arranging a home agreement reflecting your ideal lifestyle

  3. Provide weekly support during set up and is ongoing


We'd love to hear from you

Please get in touch if you’d like any information at all, either over the phone or by email. 

Email: hello@cloud9gb.co.uk

Phone: 02030 062859